About us

Kinning Park Complex is an independent multi-use community centre.  Run by the community since they had to step in to prevent closure of the facility by the local Council in 1996. We maintain and rent out halls, meeting rooms, studios and office spaces at affordable prices where people and groups can put their ideas into action. We also manage community development projects in the local area.

KPC aims and Objectives 2016-2017

KPC aims and Objectives 2016-2017

The Space

The halls are used for sport, dance and music classes, theatre rehearsals, film screenings, public meetings, conferences, gigs, family fundays, private parties, and within reason whatever else you can imagine.  Meeting rooms are suitable for one-off or regular group meetings and we have affordable shared office space for longer-term use by community organizations. We have 10 studios that are rented by artists and musicians.

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Community Projects

Our current community development Projects Include Waste Not Want, a Climate Challenge funded project to reduce carbon emissions and a Volunteer Programme. We hope to start a new Garden and Bike project soon!

Waste Not Want

KPC Volunteer Programmes

KPC stats

In the year April 2013 to March 2014 – Approximately 300 people each week visited KPC. In total around 5000 individuals, recording over 15,000 total attendances. The halls were used around 60 hours each week. We were open 7 days a week from 9am till 9pm most days and until midnight when we host weekend events.

We hosted 250 sports and 140 dance classes, 12 film screenings, 25 theatre and dance rehearsals, 12 conferences, 8 public meetings, 30 music workshops, 12 music gigs, 49 private parties, a weekly BME women’s group and a kids summer play scheme. In addition 60 odd volunteers helped to paint & plaster and build a community garden.