Donations Accepted

KPC has not previously asked for donations. We are well aware that there are a great many people and organizations in need of financial support and we don’t want to be in competition with them. However the reality is that KPC exists on a shoestring budget and if we are to properly develop the complex and increase the level and quality of the services we provide then we need to find additional sources of income.

So we are now making it easier for anyone who wants to support KPC financially to be able to do so. Details of how to donate and why you may wish to are below.

Why donate to KPC?

KPC is a Community Interest Company, which is a not for profit business model that ensures that all the income and assets are used for the benefit of the community.

We currently, more or less, break-even each year. The income we generate from renting out the halls, meeting room, studio and office spaces at the complex just about covers the basic costs of heating, lighting, a very basic level of staffing and some level of building maintenance. However the budget we have for staffing and for building maintenance are never quite enough considering the size and condition of the building and the number of hours work required to keep the complex running.

We try to fund equipment and improvements by winning grants and all of the community development projects we deliver are only possible when we are lucky enough to win grants for those specific projects.

So there is not now, and since 1996 never has been, any money available to properly staff the complex, to get ahead with the maintenance let alone to make improvements, or to properly manage our own events program.

If you make a donation to KPC it will support all of those things

How to donate to KPC?


Send us a cheque payable to Kinning Park Complex
Kinning Park Complex CIC
43 Cornwall Street
Kinning Park
Glasgow, G41 1BA

Bank Transfer:

You can make a donation directly into our bank account. Please put the word – Donation – in as a description.
Name: Kinning Park Complex
Bank: Cooperative Bank
Sort Code: 08 92 99
Acc No: 65604166

Donate via Paypal:

Using a bank or credit card. When you click the donate button below it will take you to paypal payment processing and ends up in our bank account.

Many thanks for your support