Stakeholders, Funders

KPC self funds its core running costs from the money its raises from renting our space and from fundraising events and donations.

KPC has also received grant funding for equipment and projects from a variety of organizations, details below. At the bottom of the page is a summary.

Funder – When grant awarded – Amount – what grant provided for:

Glasgow City Councils Area Committee

August 2009 – £6,383
Part funding for new fire alarm system. KPC raised the other £2,500 required.

Glasgow City Councils Area Committee

August 2011 – £1009.25
A projector & screen and art display materials for pop-up gallery

Barr Construction and Johnstone Paints

Feb 2012 – A donation of 200 litres of paint
With which part-time staff and volunteers started repainting the complex

Toyota (Environment fund):

June 2012 – £3,000
To create stage 1 of a community garden

Awards For All – Lottery

June 2012 – £9,972
Purchase PA equipment and stage and install blackout blinds

Glasgow City Councils Area Committee:

August 2012 – £4,200
Upgrade ground-floor disabled toilets and install hot water heater

Glasgow Regeneration Agency

October 2012 – Consultancy support to value of £862
Legal advice regarding lease

Glasgow City Councils Area Committee

November 2012 – £1,965
Paint and tools to conduct own repairs and improvements & more painting

Scottish Community Foundation

November 2012 – £1,990
Basic equipment for kitchen and halls e.g. cups, tea urn, tables, chair trolley etc

Volunteer action fund

June 2013 – £10,000
Development of volunteer capacity and activities

Community and Families fund – Lottery

July 2013 – £10,000
KPC Make and Create Youth – summer program

Glasgow City Council – Social Enterprise Fund

October 2013 – £12,000
Architects and building engineers report on building condition and future options

Glasgow City Councils Area Committee

Nov 2013 – £936
Security lighting around the complex

Plantation Productions

Feb 2014 – £1,000
Making Art Matter Outreach Program

Glasgow City Councils Area Committee

March 2014 – £1,073
Contribution to program of youth activities

Glasgow City Councils Area Committee

March 2014 – £411
Play equipment storage cupboard

Roshni / Awards For All – Lottery

April 2014 – £9,710
Black Minority Ethnic Womens project

Glasgow City Council – Social Enterprise Fund – Community facilities

May 2014 – £1,800
Website upgrade

Scottish Community Development Centre – Supporting Communities programme

May 2014 – Consultancy support – 6 days equivalent
Advisor to assist in board and organizational development

Celebrate Fund – Lottery

May 2014 – £9,950
KPC Community Festival – Summer Program celebrating diversity

Investing in Ideas – Lottery

June 2014 – £10,000
Community consultation and board development

NHS Glasgow

June 2014 – £1,200
Child and youth development project

Plantation Productions

September 2014 – £1,000
Making Art Matter Outreach Program

People’s Health Trust

November 2014 – £33,164 (over two years) – First installment of £9,950 received
Cycling and gardening community development projects

Summary note as at end of Feb 2016:

Total received above not including consultancy support and paint donation is £107,549.25 – We can call it £115,000 including those. It looks like a lot of money. It has been a lot of (paper) work.

KPC took over management of the complex in April 2009 – between then and April 2015 is six years. So its an average of approx £19,000 per year in grant funding. During this same period KPC has itself raised and spent approx £220,000 on heat, light, staff, maintenance and improvements, an average of approx £36,500 per year.

We haven’t calculated a financial value for the hundreds of hours of volunteering done by members of the community over this period but it has a substantial value.

We are thankful for and appreciative of the grant funding we have received and we very much hope that we are able to win substantially greater sums in future in order to get the building back into a good condition and to run further and much needed community, arts and sports development projects. Its just good to keep some perspective on the balance between what the community has done for itself and the grant support we have received so far.


Logos / text about grant funders:

Below are the logos for some of the organizations that have provided grants.