Community Cafe TAKEOVER with Food Not Bombs

For over 30 years, Food not Bombs has reached city to city and country to country in their plight to share free vegetarian food and protest war, poverty and lack of free movement and overall globalisation of the economy. On April 26th, 2018, this fight came to Kinning Park Complex in the form of a pleasant evening of live music, delicious vegan delicacies and riveting raffles for all to enjoy. Teamed with an activist patch making workshop with KPCouture, people were able to come and sit back, relax and divulge in the movement and what it stands for; unity, peace and compassion.

Starting in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1980 by anti-nuclear activists, Food not Bombs has come a long way and reached many far-off places, recovering food that would otherwise be considered waste to make delicious vegan and vegetarian meals to feed those in support of the cause. It’s not always been an easy road for this long-standing activist group, with a track record of thousands of their volunteers being arrested for demonstrations and protests; particularly against government regimes supporting anti-homelessness, but still it prevails. After their longstanding history in the USA, Food not Bombs has now reached Glasgow, tapping in to the activist vein of Glasgow’s strong beating caring heart. People travelled from all over the city to partake in this newly flourishing branch of the well-known cause as chatter, music and laughter filled the halls of Kinning Park Complex.

Food not Bombs Glasgow is made up of several passionate individuals who dedicate their time to bringing awareness and care to the streets of Glasgow. One volunteer knew of KPC and their similar ethics through volunteering previously, having been introduced to many of the caring and considerate morals outlined within Food Not Bombs through the efforts of the Kinning Park Complex ethos.

This coalition of morals and with the dedicated nurturing support of Kinning Park Complex, Food not Bombs has received a home base from which they will be able to flourish and continue with the legacy set down all those years ago by dedicated activists who believed in a world free of domination, coercion and violence.


With the musical stylings of Dylan Moore, Jamie Herd and Handsome Girl, the KPC became a hub of music and merrymaking, laced with raffles and delicious glitter cupcakes with all funds going towards keeping the Food Not Bombs dream alive; food being a right, not a privilege.

KPCouture made an appearance for the cause, encouraging people to learn how to sew – either freehand or with a machine, to make their own one-of-a-kind, fashionable activist patches using old materials from clothes that would otherwise have ended up in the waste bin. Using things that people would otherwise consider waste was the overhead theme of the night, to not waste what is not wanted and instead create something new that everyone could enjoy. From flower patches to one of a stickman under the moon, people came to not only make activist patches, but rather to flex their textile and sewing skills and have an opportunity to learn something new in a relaxed and compassionate setting. The workshop was free, feeding in to the ethics of the night, allowing people to enjoy the atmosphere without having to worry about their wallets.

Many people who heard about the event grew curious of the cause, attending to do something not only productive with their Thursday evening but something that differed from the norm. An evening that could have otherwise been spent down the pub, people were able to come together to benefit not only the Food Not Bombs movement, but also Kinning Park Complex in their fight against unfair regimes; putting back the humanity into humanitarian.

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