Daniel Wakeford Gig Sunday 17th July


Food and snacks available, BYOB

£3.00 (Carers Go Free)

Tickets available at: WeGotTickets

Daniel Wakeford

Pure and ecstatic pop from a charismatic, charming and honest individual. Daniel Wakeford is a Singer songwriter from Brighton who has written and recorded over 5 albums. He has been performing in and around Brighton and London for years and due to the purity in Daniel’s songs and performances, he wins over pretty much every audience he plays to. His songs are about his life and the things he loves, from his family and friends, to Beethoven.

Daniel is an important part of the learning disabled music scene in Brighton, centred around a night called The Rock House, and through celebrating Daniel as an artist who has autism, it will portray a much needed positive image of learning disabled people in the media and will help highlight the challenges faced by musicians with learning disabilities.

Daniel has been writing and recording music since 2009. He has amassed an impressive back catalogue, in excess of 60 songs, with new album ‘The Songs of Gigs’

“A legend and an inspiration” – Marc Riley, BBC 6Music

“Daniel Wakeford brings heartfelt euphoria wherever he goes. His seemingly bottomless well of material offers up classic after classic in the shape of relentlessly catchy pop naivetes. It’s the delivery that sets Daniel apart, anyone with a shred of a soul can’t help but be won over by his unbounded joy and enthusiasm.” Supernormal Festival

https://danielwakeford.bandcamp.com/album/the-songs- of-gigs

Sensatronic Lab

Sensatronic Lab is an experimental music, art and techology project run with and for young people. Its main aim is to work with young people from all backgrounds to design new types of digital musical instruments. Using collaborative design processes, open source technology and live music sessions the Sensatronic-Lab is developing weird and wonderful creations that are interactive, accessible and at the cutting edge of music, art and technology.

George Garthwaite

GSA’s favourite laconic poet, able to move through moods of joy, hilarity and melancholy with just a few of those lovely Yorkshire syllables.

Greyhound Bus


Ideal Mexico are organising this event with the help and support of Constant Flux, which was started in 2013 to create more opportunities for musicians with learning disabilities. Combining two seemingly separate areas of music: the learning disabled music scene and the UK’s large DIY music community. Constant Flux has been instrumental in developing the idea of integrated and accessible shows. Ways in which events are integrated include booking learning disabled and non-learning disabled acts on the same bill, working with venues to ensure they are accessible and working with local learning disabled community to encourage people with a learning disability to attend.



Author: KPC