Thursday Takeover with Food not Bombs

Thursday 26th April 2018
17:00 - 22:00

It's official, our friends at Kinning Park Complex have not only granted us a home to call our own, but they're letting us throw a welcome party!! We're taking over their regular Thursday night pay-as-you-want meal, helping out in the kitchen and then throwing a party! We've got some sweet acts joining us for the evenings music, a raffle (vegan cupcakes anyone?), and just maybe some sweet merch. Come and see what we're about, have an awesome dinner and support two great causes in one fabulous evening!

Film screening: Winnie

Thursday 12th April 2018
19:15 - 21:15

To commemorate the extraordinary legacy of Winnie Mandela we are holding a screening of the brilliant documentary 'Winnie'. This film looks at her life and contribution to the struggle to bring down apartheid from the inside, with intimate insight from Winnie herself. Synopsis: Winnie Pascale Lamche | South Africa 2017 | 1h38m | 15 Supremely controversial, Winnie Mandela has been labeled a woman condemned for her radical role in the liberation of her South African people under apartheid. While her husband, Nelson Mandela, remained securely jailed for 27 years, Winnie brushed the patriarchy aside to fight on the front line and take uncompromising steps to inspire an uprising. While Nelson was remembered as a hero, Winnie was demonised in the global media. Filmmaker Pascale Lamche paints a complex portrait of Winnie Mandela: the woman, the paradox, both exalted and villainized in the eyes of history. Using rich, unseen archival footage and interviews with intimate comrades, Lamche unravels the tale of cause and effect by which Winnie was taken down. Trailer:


Thursday 19th April 2018
19:00 - 21:00

Want to run a film festival? Now you can! Join us to plan for Scalarama 2018, taking place all through September. This meeting at KPC will be chaired by Kate Coventry (Southern Exposure). Open to all and all are welcome - if you can't make this meeting but still want to be involved, let us know here and/or join the Scalarama Glasgow Discussion Group. There will be a meeting every month from now until September. The Scala was a legendary cinema, music venue & monkeyhouse. Every September, we celebrate its legacy of eclectic programming with a season of DIY film exhibition across the UK. If you just want to know more about it all, check out or drop us an email at! #Scalarama2018