International Potluck Dinner

On Thursday 18th August, we held an International Potluck dinner. Our volunteer Dylan shares their thoughts on the evening.

Last Thursday evening, the Kinning Park Complex hosted an International Potluck dinner. The idea behind it was simple: come along and bring a dish, whether it’s something that has become a staple in your everyday cooking, or an interesting creation you would like to share with others. Importantly, don’t worry if there is nothing you can bring: contribute your presence and enjoy an evening spent with others.



This wasn’t the first of our regular Thursday dinners I attended, but definitely my favourite: having spent a stressful day at work, it was great to be reminded what communal dinners were all about. While the Potluck did have an ‘International’ theme to it, what stood out was that instead of fetishising or commercialising food from different cultures or reducing cultures to their cuisine (as is so often done), we came together as a diverse community that have something to offer one another, and that have found their homes in Glasgow. We were given a chance to learn and share our stories: whether those were of the day just passed, our lives, or future aspirations.

With people keen to have their photos taken at our DIY photo booth, most food disappearing off the plates quickly, and children running around playing while the evening was coming to an end, it would be difficult to think of it as anything but a success: one that we shall hope to always recreate at the weekly Pay What You Want community meal, where dinner is served by our chef Alan from 5.30pm every Thursday, and everyone is welcome.

Author: KPC