KPC Volunteer Programmes

Kinning Park Complex relies on the work of volunteers to keep the centre running and to deliver our programme of activities. To keep developing the building and it’s community KPC has received funding from Awards from All (Big Lottery) and a Volunteering Support Grant (Voluntary Action Fund) to create a number of different volunteering positions.

All volunteer roles will receive travel expenses, training and an induction, as well as the opportunity to earn a Community Achievement award if they volunteer for more than 40hrs.

Photographers and Bloggers

We would like to recruit a team of Photographers and Bloggers to attend KPC’s wide variety of events (gigs, fundraisers, talks, movie screenings, workshops) in order to help us document and spread the word about what goes on at the KPC.

KPC Crew

We often support unfunded events and activities and as a result do not charge full hire price or even any charge at all. To enable to keep supporting such non-profit community events we need to recruit and train 20 key holders to help open and close such events. Fire Marshall and First Aid training will be provided.

Fundraising Volunteers

We are looking for a group of volunteers to help plan and run fundraising events such as our new members evenings. The KPC fundraising team will be support by the KPC Office Team.

Social Sundays and Thursday Community Meal

KPC runs two weekly pay-what-you-want community meals, one prepared by our volunteer Chef Alan and the other on a Sunday with the Real Junk Food Project. We need volunteers to help in the kitchen or setting up and breaking down the room.

To find out more about these projects check out the links below!

Pay-What-You-Want Community Meal 

The Real Junk Food Project

Up-cycling / Arts and Crafts Workshop Leaders

Every Sunday we provide free arts and crafts activities with an eco theme for local children and up-cycling workshops in the afternoon. If you could get involved then please get in touch.

More information about Social Sundays can be found via our facebook page


We’re always looking for folks that can brighten up our Social Sundays and other community events. If you fancy strumming on your guitar or playing on our piano then please get in touch.


If you have some time to spare and would like to get involved at Kinning Park please fill in your information here: