Open Call for Artist

Kinning Park Complex is an independent multi-use community centre, run by the community since they had to step in to prevent closure of the facility by the local Council in 1996. To celebrate the power of collective voice, we are organising a week-long event starting on the 16th of July 2017 in celebration of our 21st Birthday.

KPC welcomes artists to submit a creative piece that responds to the identity of the building and explore ideas around the future of community resilience. The piece has to loosely follow the medium of a banner, and relate to the ‘All Welcome’ banner, made in ’96, during the sit-in (image above).


21 years ago, the community of the complex demanded autonomy and fought for the survival of the centre, which the City Council decided not to invest in anymore, against a backdrop of cuts in Council services. Their initial plan was to close it and sell off the land. Today, we know that their protest was successful, but back then it wasn’t that obvious that their objection wouldn’t be repressed, similarly to several other examples of self-organised resistance in Glasgow.


On Sunday 16th July 2017, a parade will go with banners from Govan Road to Kinning Park Complex, where the props of the march will become exhibition items. The banners that will be presented are powerful visual incarnations and documents of specific movements, which live less vigorously in the public mind, but the impact of their doings is still very much palpable. This is how the banner of the first Scottish Co-Operative Women’s Guild (from Kinning Park) made in early 20th century and the ‘All Welcome’ banner made in 1996 will be part of the project. Exploring ideas around how communities have been constantly imagining different futures for themselves during the last century; our goal is to use these (almost) invisible histories as a resource for the event.

Celebrating an anniversary is a moment where we stop and rethink, with the march we try to increase awareness of sustainable support structures, self-organisation and the importance of activism in today’s society. 

Banners are important features of the march and the exhibition. Reflecting the nature of a given group, their making is often a ceremonial, significant act. “Banners and their images and slogans combine to shape alternative values, visions and pride in work and neighbourhood, while often at the same time challenging injustices.”[1] In this sense, they will be capable of connecting the event with distant and recent past, as well as the unpredictable future. First being used as functional objects in the march, and then being exhibited as artefacts, the banners will recall a variety of associations and affects. The new, commissioned banner will be used in the march, and then hung in the exhibition. After the celebration, a permanent display of it can be discussed.


  • The banner should be possible to carry during the planned march.
  • Large-scale artworks will be given preference.
  • Artworks using recycled materials will be given preference.
  • The artist is responsible for the safe delivery of the artwork.

Submission details:

  • We welcome submissions by midnight, 21st of May
  • One proposal will be selected on 25th of May by KPC staff and curator Anna Tudos. Visitors to KPC will also be invited to provide feedback on the proposals. 
  • The selected artist will be given a budget of £500 to realise the artwork.
  • The selected artist will be given assistance by the curator to work at KPC, this means using its resources, materials, tools (sewing machines) and meeting with different individuals and groups part of the community (on request).
  • After the exhibition, the banner will become the property of KPC.

Please send materials to by midnight, 21st of May with the subject ‘Open Call Proposal’.

  • A CV and artist statement
  • A detailed plan of the artwork to be realised in a format that can be publicly displayed 
  • Approximate budget plan

Contact curator Anna Tudos with questions:


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- Kinning Park Central, the first Co-operative Women’s Guild in Scotland:

[1] The Banner Tales of Glasgow, Ed. researchers at the School of Geographical and Earth Science at the University of Glasgow,