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Alan is our resident Chef, volunteering his time every Thursday in the KPC kitchen. Cooking up a storm making wholesome meals for those in need of some good food!

Pay – What – You – Want – Meal

Every Thursday 5.30pm – 6.30pm


Alan is a qualified Chef with 15 years experience. Now working part time at functions and private events he volunteers with Kinning Park and is pursuing work in other areas.


Why did you want to become a chef?

I first got interested in cooking at school while taking a home economics class and I really enjoyed it! When I left school I trained at Reid Kerr College and I started as an apprentice chef at the Brablock restaurant in Paisley.

How did you get involved with the Kinning Park Complex?

I have been volunteering with Kinning Park since June 2015. I was involved with the GCIN (Govan and Craigton Integration Network) helping out with Food Banks and I found out KPC wanted to start up a weekly community meal so I came along to Kinning Park for an interview.

Who comes to the Pay-What-You-Want-Meal?

There are a regular group that normally come every week and others that come now and again, it’s always great when new people hear about it and come down.



What sort of food do you cook?

Lots of different things. I like to make something different every week. Recently I’ve made a Thai Green Curry, Vegetable Pasties and tonight I’m making a vegetable bake and broth. I make vegetarian food a lot as many of the people that come are vegetarian, its also affordable and healthy. Sometimes I will make meat dishes particularly at the monthly cook off.

Why do you volunteer at Kinning Park?

I get a lot of satisfaction cooking for people and it’s great to see people enjoying the food I make. I especially enjoy being able to cook good food for those in need of a wholesome meal.


Our Pay-What-You-Can-Meal is open to everyone. If you are struggling to afford good food or maybe this week you are a bit strapped for cash please join us and other local residents for dinner!


Cost: As little or as much as you can afford.

We are hoping to start up a Sunday meal soon and maybe more. To keep up to date subscribe to our mailing list at or on our Facebook Page!


Studying journalism or interested in creative writing?

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