Pro Dance Classes with Kieran Shannon every Friday 10th June – 1st July

Friday 10th, 17th, 24th June & Friday 1st July


£10 per class or £35 for 4 classes

After graduating from The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in 2015, Kieran went on to work with 2faced Dance Company as their first apprentice dancer. Within this role he toured all over the UK performing outdoor work (KAPOW) and mid-scale indoor work (Dreaming in Code).  As apprentice he managed and hosted two emerging dance artists nights, ' I.D' at The courtyard Theatre Hereford.

Kieran was an active part of the companies education programmes; teaching at various institutions in the UK, leading on summer schools and teaching community classes. He developed a versatile teaching experience by working with a variety of different ages, levels and personalities.

During training Kieran worked with and has been influenced by a number of choreographers such as Lina Limosani,  Joan Clevile, Anna Kendrik, Tommy Small, Andy Howitt, Matthew Robinson and Errol White all of whom have contributed to the way in which he teaches, moves and creates work.

Now, at the start of his freelance career, Kieran has already began delivering workshops across the UK. His aim is to be a diverse and versatile artist by working with as many people as he can, delivering workshops and exploring new styles and horizons to further his learning as much as possible. Influenced by the many people that he has already worked with, the style that he has developed combines Floorwork, Release, Limón and elements from many other techniques. His classes and workshops will bring you closer to the floor in the most efficient way possible organically getting to know your body and using it to its fullest, reaching the farthest edges of your kinesphere whilst shifting your weight efficiently and dynamically through the space.

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