HATHA YOGA Every Tuesday 6.45pm


Hatha Yoga Class 

Suitable for all levels
Yoga is a science to connect the mind and body which helps to cultivate more awareness and to come into a state of balance, physically , mentally and emotionally. The body becomes both stronger and more flexible and the mind becomes more clear and patterns of anxiety and tiredness can be overcome.
Each class will begin with breath awareness exercises which help to gently focus the mind and relax the body. We progress through a series of flowing and static standing postures to strengthen, tone and improve balance, then work on seated and supine poses to improve flexibility. Class will finish with a deep relaxation or meditation to help absorb the benefit of the practice.
Each student is encouraged to work at their own pace and listen to their own body.
For more information please contact Melissa: puredream@hotmail.co.uk
£5 per class
£20 for 5 consecutive classes
Beginners welcome