Soul Food Sisters at Kinning Park Complex


Soul Food Sisters are a vibrant community interest group based in Govanhill that aim to empower migrant women through the means of cooking and catering.  They are a female-led collective with members from varying countries such as Poland and Algeria who have all come to find their home in Glasgow. They believe that food is a force for good in the world and that sharing meals is great for the soul. They understand that by swapping recipes, ideas and skills their not-for-profit organisation is making women’s lives brighter.

They have been based in Kinning Park Complex since 2014 and over the years have become a wonderful addition to the building, involving themselves in the community based projects here as well as cultivating their burgeoning business. As the project continues to grow, 2017 will see the collective move onto a bigger space based outside the complex. We spoke to sisters in chief Maryisa Mikicka and Djamila Siagh briefly about their business and their time at KPC before their move:

  1. How did you get started at Kinning Park Complex?

 Maryisa: We were looking for a kitchen on a limited budget and we were offered a kitchen by Martin, then a storage space and then office. It was a gradual process!

  1. What is the best project you have been involved in at KPC?

 Djamila: We have achieved a lot since our time here, we have been given opportunities to volunteer and we have put on great events. For example we hosted an event with New Scots, a charity who deal with integrating refugees into the local community.

 Marysia: There were so many refugee women involved in this event and the vibe in the kitchen was so good, we all loved it! We also were involved in an event as a part of the Africa in Motion festival which a lot of people attended and we felt was really a great achievement.

  1. Do you have any more plans to do any more community based work in the future?

Djamila: We have plans in the New Year to run more social events like these ones in the complex although we will be based somewhere else, we want to stay involved in all the great events that go in at KPC. 

  1. Do you feel like KPC has given you a space to grow your business?

 Marysia: KPC is an amazing organisation, everyone who works and volunteers here is so welcoming, it is like an incubator where you can grow your ideas, you are offered so much support with publicising your projects and getting funding etc.  

 Djamila: There are a lot less obstacles to running a business but when you are based at KPC the environment is very open and it makes it easier to reach your goals.

Marysia: The staff has put Kinning Park on the map as an alternative community centre! We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the staff, especially Martin and Rachel, the volunteers here at KPC, everyone who has attended our events in the past and given us support., Without them we would not be Soul Food Sisters, we want to say happy new year to everyone and we will see you all with brand new projects in 2017!       

Thanks to Maryisa and Djamila of Soul Food Sisters for taking the time to speak to us, we wish you all the best in your new ventures and look forward to working with you in the future.                                                                        


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