Thank EU For Coming Potluck Dinner

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On Friday 1 July, we held a potluck dinner to celebrate the universal and multicultural nature of Glasgow.

Thank EU For Coming

 Here at Kinning Park Complex, we’re keen to spread the message that all are welcome here, regardless of where you come from.

So no matter how you voted, we held our ‘Thank EU for coming!’ potluck dinner to celebrate the whole community coming together. It was a roaring success with a variety of meals brought in, from sushi to stew and nachos to cupcakes!


Raz, from Scotland, shared her thoughts on the evening.

What convinced you to come along tonight?

I came here to meet some lovely people and taste food from all around the world, around the EU. I love the title of the evening - "Thank EU For Coming." I love a good pun!

Have you been socialising tonight?

I've been trying, I've brought friends with me and that got the ball rolling a bit so I've found it easier.

Great! So what did you bring tonight?

We brought sushi, fruit, crisps and olives! Just a mixture of stuff.



Craig and Linda from Scotland and Jamie from Malaysia brought their vegan curry.

What brings you all here today?

Jamie: My friend invited us here and told me about this place.

Linda: I saw the event on Facebook and thought it was a very nice idea because obviously the whole EU referendum thing is a bit sad, and a lot of people are feeling a bit isolated so I was like, it'd be nice to come and do some sort of community event.

Did you bring any food?

Linda: I did! I made seitan chettinad curry, it's vegan and it looks disgusting but it's really good!

Jamie: I think it's already gone! 



We spoke to Daniel, who is Scottish with an Austrian background.

Why did you decide to join us tonight?

Mainly because I'm interested in different cultures and I love food of different countries, more that than the political side to be honest. I voted remain and I think the decision is bad, but I actually think it's good for Scotland because I want independence. 


Jerry from Scotland brought Tunnocks sweets.

So why did you decide to come to the potluck dinner?

Anything that brings the community together can only be a good thing.


Marta from Italy and Duncan from Scotland brought grilled vegetables.

So why the grilled vegetables Marta?

I thought it was a good choice because you can serve them cold and you can make them two minutes before they get served!

What brought you here tonight?

I live across the road, I've been here before and I thought, yeah, why not? It's a good idea.


If you couldn't make our potluck dinner (or if you did but want more!), why not join us for our weekly Pay What You Want community meal? It's served every Thursday from 5.30pm by our chef Alan, and everyone is welcome. You can donate as little or as much as you'd like and enjoy great, freshly prepared food!

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