@TheGlasgowJam building connections in Kinning Park

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@TheGlasgowJam is about cross discipline improvisation. Focusing on fun, play and experimentation. Everyone is welcome at a Jam!

@TheGlasgowJam building connections in Kinning Park

Penny Chivas is a co-founder of @TheGlasgowJam. A professional Dancer and Teacher, coordinates Jam sessions and work shops with International Visual Artist Laura Gonzalez. Speaking to Penny she explains how @TheGlasgowJam started and how it has developed over time.


@TGJ photography credit: Ciorstaidh Monk

How did @TheGlasgowJam start?

@TGJ started three and a half years ago, initially as a way for those involved to practice contact improvisation, experiment and play. Visual Artist Dominic Snyder started using the Jam as a way to practice drawing of moving people. The workshops are very much focused on cross discipline improvisation. @TGJ started with professional dancers and artists but very quickly, after working with a number of outreach projects, for example the Wayside Centre (Marie Trust), which provides support for the homeless and those affected by social exclusion, has become a project open to everyone who has an interest in improvisation.

How does a Jam session begin?

We always start with a half hour warm up so everyone starts at the same level. There is no hierarchy with @TheGlasgowJam. Professionals in the arts come along to try new things and others come to experiment and explore new ways of listening and communicating through body language and movement. The main focus is to have fun, play and improvise.

Do you ever Jam outside of Glasgow?

@TheGlasgowJam is part of broader world wide practice. There are Jams happening all over the world that focus on the same ideas as we do. Dominics practice through collaboration with us has taken him to Canada, further developing his work with Jams over there. Our sessions are about engaging with the Glasgow community.

@TheGlasgowJam logo created by Dominic Snyder during a Jam session.


Who runs @TheGlasgowJam?

Though Laura and I are coordinators of the Jam it is about the Community, for everyone to be able to listen to each other and explore new ways of communicating through body language. We sometimes have participants whose first language isn’t English but that doesn’t matter. We volunteer our time for the events. Last year we received funding from Creative Scotland to train more facilitators, but our sessions are always coordinated by volunteers.

Why is KPC a suitable place to host @TheGlasgowJam events?

We chose KPC as it is a really affordable space and the location is great for the various transport networks. The idea that we are also supporting another community organisation is also important. As the space is a little bit run down lends itself to being experimental, not holding anything too precious – being able to take chances.

"@TheGlasgowJam has helped me to explore my artistic dimensions, in a free and inclusive way. I've found myself using my body and voice in ways I've never imagined:playfully, joyfully and exuberantly. The usual feeling at the end of the jam is one of peacefulness. I love the feeling of safety and playfulness at jams, and of exploring how my body works"@TGJ Jammer

“The skills taught by @TGJ (Listening to your body, awareness of your surroundings, and allowing things to just happen without thought or plan) filter into all aspects of work/social life. Being open to whatever happens without over thinking it has especially helped me cope with my anxiety issues. - @TGJ Jammer


Join @TheGlasgowJam on Sunday 19th June at KPC for Global Underscore 2016. Represent Scotland dancing the same score at the same time as others around the world.

3pm – 7pm (2.30pm introduction for those who have not participated before)

£10 no pre booking required

More information for this event can be found on @TheGlasgowJam blog site


If you would like to find out more about: Global Underscore

Author: KPC