Xchange Scotland Volunteers in the KPC Garden

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Our tenants Xchange Scotland are currently hosting volunteers from France. They have been helping out in the Garden this week. KPC's new Climate Challenge Project Officer handy man Indiana Jon has been working with our guests to make the garden beautiful in the lead up to our Garden Party at the end of April!

XChange Scotland in the KPC Garden

XChangeScotlandBlogImage1(far left; Jon, centred; Patricia)


Speaking with Patricia, an Italian, living in France, visiting Scotland who is the facilitator for the group.


How are the group involved with Xchange Scotland?

We are here as volunteers, sent by a partner association from France, that share the same objectives morally and multi-culturally with Xchange Scotland.

What is the main purpose of your visit?

The visit is part of the project Katimavik. The group of Katimavik is  a unique service in France and is involved in a project of support and introduction to the working environment for young people. Making new learning experiences and the opportunity to work in a different environment, to expand on what possibilities there are. Testing the capacity to work in a team and knowing what is true solidarity.

How long are you in Scotland For?

Personally, I will be in Scotland for two weeks, my role is to support the team in there first period here as a facilitator. The guys of Katimavik will stay here for 5 weeks.


What have you been up to in the Garden?

We are painting the planting beds and pots, removing weeds from the Garden, and finishing the compost bin.


What do you think of KPC?

We have seen that KPC is an active place, full of good purposes and good energy. It can be a great support for the city and the local community.





Please join us at the Kinning Park Complex Saturday 30th April for our Garden Party! There will be arts and crafts for the whole family and entertainment from our steel drumming tenants Black Star. The Vegan People's Kitchen will be cooking up a great BBQ and Zero Waste will also be here to advise you on how to reduce waste!

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