KPC A O.K. (Acts of Organised Kindness) Project

KPC A-OK is a neighbourhood solidarity project to support our Members and their communities across G41 and G51. It is especially focused on the areas closest to the Kinning Park Complex in and around Paisley Road West, Kinning Park, Ibrox and Cessnock.


It has been developed alongside Clyde Community Hall and seeks to involve all key local stakeholders to create a coordinated community response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


As of Friday 24th April we have expanded our regular support list to 86 people, recruited 60 volunteers and counting, delivered 20,000 flyers and carried out 100's of acts of organised kindness; from phone calls with our community to delivering food and finding out what else people need.

As our A-OK team has grown we now have a clear idea of what help we can safely provide to meet our communities needs:


Twice weekly Catch Ups from a member of our Support Team via phone call, text, social media or email


Delivery of cooked meals, groceries and other essentials


We offer dog-walking

services for those in isolation


We host online art and

english classes


We've got a team of professional staff and committed volunteers so if there is anything else you would like to see or be involved in please let us know.

Contact us now and be part of our Acts of Organised Kindness Team to make sure:

Our communities are empowered to look after themselves and each other

Our communities have access to the goods, services and support that they need

Our communities are connected

If you or someone you know may need assistance we are here to help. With a skilled team of staff and volunteers we will respond as soon as we can.

Fill in the appropriate quick form via the buttons below; alternatively you can call, text or WhatsApp us on: 07544612437

Help us by sharing our flyer online: 

  • Network

    Neighbourhood Support Team

    A collage of photographs and information that builds a picture of our wonderful Neighbourhood Support Team

  • Arts & Crafts

    Creativity and Learning

    • Low cost recipes

    • Crafts

    • Stories 

    • Children Toy Donations

    • Useful information

  • project.jpg

    Project Aims

    Find out more about what we are doing and what we have achieved.

  • Community Forum

    Coming soon!
    We want to build a safe online place for our community to chat and share information. Are you a website building wiz who can help us? Get in touch!

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We are an independent community space in the south side of Glasgow. We are a welcoming space that is a platform for all kinds of great activity.

It is a place that brings people together, encourages the development of new ideas and projects, provides for the
most vulnerable and supports those who want to make our neighbourhood and our world a better place to be.

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