Kinning Park Community kitchen

Our Community kitchen brings people together, twice a week, to enjoy affordable fresh food, socialise, and participate in our community kitchen activities. We believe that everyone has a right to access food and that’s why our community kitchen operates a
Pay-What-You-Can model.

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Thursday 5pm - 8pm


What do we do?

We are here to foster a space where you can relax with others, eat tasty fresh food and learn new skills. We are a friendly and warm bunch of people and are here to help you.


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Our Catering service is available when you hire a space at the Kinning Park Complex. We can provide food and non-alcoholic refreshments at a reasonable cost. For more details contact us.

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We work closely with the Community Wellbeing and Participation team and you’ll find them at the community kitchen during the Community Meals for conversation, advice and support.

Pay What You Can

All donations are anonymous and you should never feel like you need to donate. At KPC we understand circumstances change from day to day and this can affect your ability to donate.

How does it work?


Eat First!

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Food comes first! Grab some food and a drink and enjoy your meal with your community.

Other Donations

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We are always looking for donations of skills and produce in exchange for a meal.

Cash Donations

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Any monetary donations will be used to ‘pay forward’ for another community member to
enjoy a meal.



You can also volunteer as a way to pay for your meal. No experience is needed you will be trained by our team and will always be offered a full meal.

Volunteer with us

Check out our current volunteer opportunities and learn how to get involved

Contact us

Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can


Have a question?

We have compiled a couple of frequently asked questions that you might be wondering about.


The tunes are just right for talking to friends and the tunes are brilliant.

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