We understand that keeping children occupied during this time is very difficult. Many families are struggling to find positive things to do at home. As we have now entered the third month of lockdown there is an increased demand for entertainment and creative learning at home. 

How to help

1. View the children's profiles below. 

2. If you have an appropriate gift fill in the 'Donate Form'.

3. Wait for a member of staff to contact you.

4. If we can accept your donation you will need to prepare the items following our cleaning guidelines.

5. Donations can be dropped off on Thursdays between 2pm and 6pm:

Clyde Community Hall

41 Whitefield Road 


G51 2YB

Please make sure we have confirmed with you that we can take your donation before dropping it off.

If you are unable to travel to Clyde Community Hall we can arrange to pick it up from your home.

If you do not have the required cleaning products to follow our guidelines please let us know.

Children Profiles

Age: 6
Crafts: Colouring
Toys: Transport toys, cars, lego, action figures

Age: 4
Crafts: Drawing & Colouring

Age: 17 & 14
Crafts: Whatever there is! They enjoyed making jewellery, purses and


Age: 4
Crafts: Drawing & Colouring
Toys: Spiderman action figure, small animal figurines

Age: 6
Crafts: Painting books, her favourite thing is to create, make new things
Toys: Dolls, barbies, Peppa Pig, Masha and the bear

Interests: Books, stories, loves reading, quite advanced for age

Age: 12
Crafts: Drawing, likes art

Age: 8
Crafts: Drawing, colouring
Toys: Lego, cars

Age: 5
Crafts: Colouring
Toys: Cars

Age: 7
Crafts: Drawing & Colouring

Age: 12
Crafts: Art, things to draw with

Age: 12
Crafts: All craft and drawing

Toys: Slime 

Interests: Reading 

Age: 7 & 9 
Crafts: Drawing & Colouring

Age: 11
Toys: Likes to build and make things 

Age: 5, 8 , 9 
Crafts: Arts & Crafts 

Age: 8
Crafts: Drawing, Colouring, any activities  

Age: 15, 16 
Crafts: Painting & Drawing

Age: 13
Toys: Lego 

Age: 8
Toys: Barbies & other toys 

Age: 7, 8
Interests: Books 

Age: 7

Toys: Toys where you can build things e.g lego 
Interests: Outside Activities e.g trampolining 

Age: 4
Interests: Outdoor Activities e.g trampolining 

Age: 7, 4 

Crafts: Anything

Toys: Anything
Interests: Anything 

Here to Help 

If you are struggling financially or worried about your mental health please contact us. We can help.


call/text/WhatsApp: 07544612437

or fill in the help form via the button below.


We are an independent community space in the south side of Glasgow. We are a welcoming space that is a platform for all kinds of great activity.

It is a place that brings people together, encourages the development of new ideas and projects, provides for the
most vulnerable and supports those who want to make our neighbourhood and our world a better place to be.

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