Treacle Toffee


1 pound (500g or Two and a half cups ) castor (super fine) sugar

ź pound (125g or one stick) butter

1 dessert spoon treacle (molasses)

3 dessert spoons golden syrup (alternatively, light corn syrup)

1 tsp vanilla

1 large tin condensed milk

5 or 6 dessert spoons water

Cooking Method

1. Place the butter, sugar, treacle, syrup and water into a pan and heat, stirring constantly. 


2. Once all the ingredients are well mixed and melted, add the condensed milk slowly, stirring occasionally until it boils. 


3. Continue on a slow boil for 15-20 minutes, again stirring occasionally. 


4. Test that the toffee is ready by dropping a spoonful into cold water - if it turns solid, it is ready. 


5. Pour into a tray, mark out cut into pieces. 


6. Wrap in greaseproof paper (vegetable parchment or waxed paper). 


7. Store in an air-tight container.  


Serves x

For storage of leftovers and reheating,

please look at the 

food safety website.

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