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Because We Say So!

A Local Place Plan for the neighbourhoods of Tradeston,Kingston, Kinning Park, Plantation, Cessnock and Ibrox.


What is a local place plan?

Put simply, a Local Place Plan is a list of priorities set by local people for what they need and want in their neighbourhood. It is a new model for community-led urban planning and community planning.​

Our Purpose


We are firmly committed to building power through knowledge, skills and capacity building within our neighbourhoods and their communities.

Our Mission

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Set-up a local strategic system for community-led development, led by local people, for local people, to achieve the quality of neighbourhoods and communities local people want.

Our Vision

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Together we can develop a really powerful Blueprint for our neighbourhoods - now, and for the years ahead. Our first Blueprint is due to be completed by April 2022.

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Why are we doing this?

Local Place Plans are a BLUEPRINT for everything communities need or want in their neighbourhoods. We want to improve quality of life, health, and wellbeing for our community.

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Volunteering at Paisley Road West Fest was really fun - the team did a fantastic job organising activities and music, and I got to meet lots of lovely people from the neighbourhood. I moved here in lockdown so I’m really enjoying these opportunities to chat to my ‘new’ neighbours and get involved in the community.


 Fran, BWSS! Volunteer

Check out our Local Place Plan

Learn more about Local Place Plans and how to get involved

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