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Community Wellbeing and Participation

Our team were there to support community members’ wellbeing and enable their participation in everything KPC and beyond.

Community Wellbeing and Participation Team.jpeg
Community Wellbeing and Participation Team.jpeg

What did we do?

We were there at the community meals to listen and help, building trusting relationships with our community members which allowed us to provide tailored advice and guidance on a variety of issues they were experiencing. We organised various events and activities to promote wellbeing, enable connections, and reduce isolation. We encouraged participation in KPC projects and elsewhere and supported people to 
access volunteering opportunities and build their confidence and skills.

Reflections and highlights from
the team

Our community mental health worker, Kevin, who first started at KPC in 2017, talks of
Tuesdays in particular: ‘the atmosphere has been so good, you could come in and all
you could hear was laughter; people who hadn’t spoken to each other coming together,
playing a board game, talking, coming together’. During the lockdown, Kevin was the
only person some people were getting to see week to week. He is glad to have got to
see the changes in the building, the growing of the staff team, and what he described
as ‘the evolution of the place’. In particular, he appreciates having got a chance to work
with community members seeking asylum: ‘for some people, we’ve been their first port
of call when they didn’t know anyone else. Many people I supported have now moved
on with their lives. I’d like to think KPC has been an important part of their journey. It’s
been great to watch them grow and get on with their lives, get their status, get work, a

Feedback from Community Members


I always feel good and happy to be here. Coming to KPC has changed my routine in a positive way. I started to go outside and meet more people. I found the support from staff excellent and they are so nice. I made a lot of friends and they are so nice, kind and friendly.

KPC Community Member


We have all sorts of projects

Check them out and hit us up if you want to collaborate

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