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Community Wellbeing and Participation

We are here to make it easier for you to participate in everything KPC and to access a range of services and information that is useful to you. Through participation in KPC and the wider community we aim for everyone’s overall wellbeing to improve. 

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What do we do?

We are here to foster a space where you can meet, support each other, share skills and knowledge and organise activities and projects. We are a friendly and warm group of people with a range of experiences and passions. We hope to make everyone feel welcome and supported.

Available Translations

We now have some general information about the Kinning Park Complex available in 9 languages. You can find the English version along with the translations to share with people an intro to who KPC is and what we generally do with an emphasis on the cafe and what our Community Wellbeing and Participation team can offer. 



I always feel good and happy to be here. Coming to KPC has changed my routine in a positive way. I started to go outside and meet more people. I found the support from staff excellent and they are so nice. I made a lot of friends and they are so nice, kind and friendly.

KPC Community Member


We have all sorts of projects

Check them out and hit us up if you want to collaborate

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